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Python Programming Language

Python is an interpreted and high-level programming language which was created by Guido van Rossum and released in the year 1991.

Python is one of the most popular programming language. It is a high-level dynamic programming language and quite easy to learn. It is designed for rapid prototyping of complex applications or for production ready software development. Python programming language runs on any operating systems and has simple syntax similar to English language.

It is very popular programming language and used by the huge companies like Google, YouTube, Facebook, Nasa, Dropbox, Yahoo, etc. around the world.

Why to learn Python?

Python programming language is easy to learn and provides many useful features for programmers. Python is a must and one of the moist important language to learn for all programmers and for working professional Software Engineer. Some of the important features are given below,

  1. Python is interpreted language. It is processed at runtime by the interpreter.
  2. Python is an easy to learn and designed to be highly readable.
  3. Python is an open source and supports object-oriented style of programming language.
  4. Python provides very high-level dynamic data types and supports dynamic type checking.

Installation of Python:

Download the latest version of Python as per your system requirements on Windows

Go To

Hello World Using Python:

Python is very easy to use and simple to learn programming language. Here is an example of “Hello World” program in Python,

print (“Hello, World!”);

Python Popular Frameworks and Libraries:

Python has wide range of frameworks and libraries used in various fields and used to developed various applications such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, web applications, software development, etc.

Web Development: Django, Flask, Bottle, CherryPy.

GUI Based Applications: PyQt5, Tkinter, Kivy, PyForms.

Machine Learning: Tenserflow, PyTorch, Keras.

Mathematics: NumPy, SciPy, Statsmodel.

Best Python IDEs:

One of the best Python IDEs are,

  1. Pycharm
  2. Spyder
  3. Pydev
  4. VS Code
  5. Atom

Advantages of Python:

Python is one of the most popular and useful programming language. Some of the best advantages of python programming languages are as,

1. It allows more run time flexibility.

2. Highly readable language.

3. Easy to read syntax than any other programming languages.

4. It supports functional and structured programming.

5. It is ideal for scripting and rapid application.

6. Libraries in Python are compatible with any operating systems.

Applications of Python:

Python is a general-purpose programming language and it is used in almost every technical fields. It is widely used in Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Natural Language Generation, Automation, etc. It is also used for:

  1. Mathematics.
  2. Desktop applications.
  3. Data Science.
  4. Server-side web development.
  5. Mobile Applications.
  6. Software Development.
  7. Data Mining.
  8. System Scripting.
  9. Build Artificial Intelligence and Algorithms.

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