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Engineering is the branch of science and technology concerned with the design, building, developing, manufacturing, machines, and structures. Engineers are found everywhere, from within a shop floor to construction site of a skyscraper. Engineers design everything from battery to space shuttle. Visit enggkatta.com to find the important and valuable information for students, current engineers and engineering students about education, syllabus, subjects, engineering technology, internet, career options, and daily tech updates. Read the articles on our site related to Mechanical, Computer Science, Civil, and Electrical Engineering. Read the information about CAD software’s, programming languages, and software’s related to the fields of engineering, software reviews, find out which software is better for your career and related to your engineering field and much more. Our mission is to sharing information of engineering and technology, related to your topic, helps you to find the solution and fulfill your knowledge.

We are here to help you and find the solutions of your questions. Find the topics of your subject related to your fields and read the articles we post every time. If you have any questions, Please contact us, we will help you.

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The idea behind enggkatta.com

When we all are studying engineering, we have to find a better place where we get the solution and a proper guidance. Because while getting an admission in engineering and studying, everything is new and we don’t know what to do? Which topics we have to learn? What subjects we have to study? This is why, I made this site to help engineering students and current engineers to update with technology and provide information of engineering.

About Me

I’m Mahesh Vyas. I’m Engineer, Designer and . I made enggkatta.com to find the better solutions for our engineering community, help and provide the information about engineering and technology. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram.