What Happens In 1 Minute on The Internet?

Have you ever wondered what happens in just one minute on the internet?

We all using internet every day, it become one of the most important things in our lives.

Internet is a network that connects computers all over the world. It is a global network of billions of computers and other electronic devices.

The internet is a hub of activities, with millions of users around the world contributing on the internet by surfing websites, streaming videos and music, playing posting on social media interactions every single minute.

Let’s see about, what happens on the internet in every one minute.

Online Searching and Information:

Searching answers and solutions of your questions is one of the important things on the internet. Over 6.3 million google searches happens every minute.

While approximately 600 new edits are being made on Wikipedia.

Every one minute, users are submitting over 7,000 ChatGPT prompts.

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Social Media Platforms:

Social media is a powerhouse of engagement. In just one minute on the internet, millions of social media users around the globe are busy sharing, liking, and commenting on posts and millions of interactions take place on social media platforms.

In one minute, Facebook sees over 1.3 million logins and over 2.1 million users active that make 4 million posts get liked every minute.

Instagram users post 347,000 stories and 66k photos and videos in one minute.

Twitter users posts over 360,000 tweets in every one minute.

Around over 69,444 jobs are applied on LinkedIn in every minute.

Over 2,704 videos are being uploaded on TikTok platform in every minute.

Online Streaming:

In every one-minute users steaming hours of video content on platforms like YouTube and Netflix.

Every minute, YouTube users upload 500 hours of video content and over 3.47 million videos are getting watched on YouTube. YouTube is the biggest platform, the library is constantly expanding, providing endless content for viewers around the world.

Every minute, over 452k hours of content streamed on Netflix.

While, Spotify sees over 60,000 hours of music streaming and over 28 tracks are added to playlists in every minute.


Messaging and communication are one of the important applications of internet. In every minute, WhatsApp users send 69 million messages, while other chat applications like Facebook Messenger see millions of messages.

Every minute, over 231 million emails are sent.

Online E-commerce Shopping:

Online shopping is one of the favorite things to do on the internet. Platforms such as Amazon processes thousands of orders making e-commerce a major player contributing in the global economy. Over 6 million people shopping spent around $1.1 million every minute.  

Around over 200,000 transactions are processed on Alibaba platform every minute.

While approximately over 2,600 items are being sold on Etsy.

Financial Transactions:

After your online e-commerce shopping, the most important thing to execute your order is online payment.

Approximately around the amount of $51,892 is being transferred in every one minute on Venmo.

While around over 300,000 transactions are being processed in every one minute on PayPal.


While millions of users spending and contributing on the internet every minute, Criminal hackers and Cyber attackers operate as they always did, over 2,000 cyber-attacks and 30 Cyber DDOS attacks happens every minute.

These statistics data of what happens in just one minute on the internet is the highlight of the importance of the internet in our life and influences almost every aspect of our lives. From the social media interactions and streaming content to e-commerce transactions and financial transactions, the internet is a hub of continuous activity and the ocean of information.

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