No New Engineering Colleges to Open in India till 2024

India will see no new engineering colleges till 2024, All India Council For Technical Education (AICTE) has extended the ban on open of new engineering institutes in the country. The ban has been put due to low admission and low students enrollments in diploma and engineering programs across the country.

“Over past two years, despite no approval to new engineering colleges, an average of 50% of seats in the existing engineering colleges are lying vacant. Seat vacancy in engineering colleges has only slightly improved, bit for it to get better, this ban on new institutes needs to continue.” Said AICTE chairman Anil Dattatraya Sahasrabuddhe.

As per the reports, from past few years there has been low admissions in engineering colleges including diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate across India. Over the past six years, more than 500 engineering colleges closed down in the country due to low admissions.

Instead on spending time and money on new infrastructures for new engineering institutes, resources need to concentrate on current structure.

Not all institutes facing an issue, certain colleges have more than 90% seats filled, while other institutes not even manage 10% to fill their admissions.

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