What is Big Data? Introduction, Working, Types, Importance

What is Data?

A data are a collection of information, numbers or words that has been formatted in a particular manner. Data is a set of values of qualitative or quantitative variables of one or more persons or objects.

What is Big Data?

Big data are a data sets that are too large, complex and impossible to process by traditional data processing application software.

Big data is a use of advanced analytics techniques for very large and complex data sets that includes structured, semi-structured and unstructured data from different sources in the huge data stored size and capacity.

A stock exchange is one of the best example of Big Data that generates around one terabyte of data for trades every day.

Types of Big Data:

There are mainly three types of Big Data:

  1. Structured
  2. Unstructured
  3. Semi-structured

Structured: A data which is stored, accessed and processed in the form of fixed format is known as structured data.

Unstructured: A data with unknown form or the structure is known as unstructured data. Unstructured data contains combination of text files, videos, images, etc.

Semi-structured: Semi-structured data contain both form of structured and unstructured data. A semi-structured data is a data represented in XML file.

Importance of Big Data:

Big Data plays a very important role for companies. Many big companies use big data in their systems to improve their working, operation, marketing and customer services.

  1. It helps to improve operational efficiencies.
  2. It helps to increase new revenue and future growth opportunities.
  3. It uses to make a great customer support and customer relation.
  4. It is very important in marketing of companies.

Advantages of Big Data:

  1. Big data helps for faster and better decision making.
  2. It is used to increase operational efficiency.
  3. Flexible data processing and analyzing can make cost reduction in access large data.
  4. Analyzing data from big data can improved data driven.
  5. It is used to improve customer services and feedback.
  6. It is used for creating a staging area for new data.

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