Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering Project Topics

Electronics and Telecommunication engineering is a branch of electrical engineering in which the study of designing and developing the electronic technology products. It is a modern engineering discipline that deals with designing, manufacturing, producing and testing of complex electronics products and various electronics systems.

Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering students need to perform for their Final Year in both Diploma and Degree courses and need to find the unique and latest project topics with project models, ppt and pdf presentation.

Project work is one of the most important part of our Final Year Diploma and Degree curriculum. Here is the list of latest ideas and updated project topics for Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering are as follows,

Automatic Noise Level Monitor
Digital Car Turning and Braking Indicator
IoT Enabled Water Purifier
Gesture Based Wheel Chair
Automatic Human Activity Recoganization
Electronic Car Ignitor
Smart Pill Box
Smart School Van Safety System
Communication System from PC
Communication of Network Monitoring System
Wireless Video and Audio Signal Transmitter
Development of Web Server
Automatic Car Cleaning & Drying machine
Protection System of Industry using GSM
Data Entry without Key
Mobile Communication based Home Automation Security System
Sleep Music Player for Detection of Baby Crying
Farm Protector Drone Using Arduino
Smart Home Automation System
Home Air Quality Monitoring System
IoT Smart Energy Grid
Auto Water Pump Switcher
Voice Controlled Robotic Vehicle
Fingerprint Based Exam Hall Authentication
Ultrasonic Radar
Automatic Advanced Self-Parking Car
Vertical Axis Wind Mill
Remote Controlled Water Parking System
Short Circuit Indicator System
Automated Solar Grass Cutter
Geo Location Guide Using RF
Android Interface based GSM Home Security System
Cell Phone Operated Robot
Frequency Counter
Intelligent Fire Sprinkler System
Radar Data Acquisition System
Packet Analyzer
Digital Stopwatch
Virtual Class Room System
Micro Controller based Power Theft Identifier
Zigbee based Wireless Sensor Network
Automatic Mobile Recharger Station
Medical Announcement based on Fingerprint
Wildlife Monitoring System using GSM System
Raspberry Pi based Face Identification Attendance System
Monitoring of Fully Centralized and Automatic Transport System
Energy Conversation system
PIC Microcontroller Based Synchronized Traffic Signals
Solar Powered Robot for Pesticides Spraying & Grass Cutting
Railway Track Pedestrian Crossing System
Rain Sensing Automatic Car Wiper
Remote Stepper Motor Controller System
Alcohol Sensing Display with Alarm
Motion based PC Video Game System
Car Over Speeding Detection System
Multi microcontroller Network System
Smart Floor Cleaner Robot
Automatic Whiteboard Eraser Robot
Android Controlled Railway Gate Control
Prepaid Electricity Billing Meter
Automatic Sketching Machine
Remote Vehicle Control through Cell Phone
Automatic PC Surveillance System Camera
Automatic Toll Collection System
Fire Fighter Robot
Ticket Dispensing Machine Automatically based on Microcontroller
Patrolling Robot in Night for Women Safety
Gas Leakage Detection & Auto On-off Gas System
Motion Controlled Servos using IoT
Advanced Wireless Earth Quake Alarm System for Early Warning
Embedded system for Hazardous Gas Detection and Alerting
IoT based Biometrics
Card based Security System
Smartphone Controlled Quadcopter
Human Area Networking
Float Cum Boost Charger
Analog to Digital Converter
Integrated Circuit Tester
Remote Airfield Lighting System
Attendance Monitoring Intelligent Classroom
Water Level Meter for Alerting Population about Floods
Low Cost Smart Irrigation Control System
Implementation of Remote Data Logging System
Smart Lighting Solutions for Smart Cities
Vehicle Data Acquisition and Telemetry
CAN Protocol Based Allocated Management System
Smart Card Based Security Access Control System
RF Communication Based Wireless Electrical Apparatus Controlling System
Wireless Fidelity Network Based Industrial Automation System
GSM Technology Based Patient Monitoring System
Wind Speed Measurement
Smart System Connecting E-Health Sensors
Digital Speedometer
Versatile Function Generator
Super Simple Triangular to Sine Wave Generator
PC based DC Motor Speed Controller
Microcontroller based Radar System
Computerized Electrical Appliance Control
Budget Digital Oscilloscope
Device Switching Using Password


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