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Automobile Engineering Project Topics

Automobile Engineering is a branch of engineering which deals with study, designing, manufacturing, mechanical mechanisms and maintenance of Automobiles.  

Automobile Engineering students need to perform project for their Final Year in both Diploma and Degree courses and need to find the unique and most updated project topic with project model and ppt, pdf presentation.

Project work is one of the most important part of our Final Year Automobile Engineering Degree and Diploma curriculum. Students have to find the project topics to select a particular project work.

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To help students, here are some of the latest Final Year Automobile Engineering project ideas including projects like new inventions in automobiles, automobile parts, design and analysis and fabrication of automobile systems and vehicle design projects are as follows:

Automatic Braking System
Air Production Using Vehicle Suspension
Antilock Braking System
Automatic Pneumatic Clutch
Automatic Gear Changer in Two and Four-Wheeler Vehicle
Design and Fabrication of Automatic Tyre Inflation System
Design and Fabrication of Tensionless Bike
Design and Fabrication of Universal Coupling
Design and Fabrication of Air operated Mini Car
Design and Fabrication of Electromagnetic Engine
Design and Fabrication of Two-Wheeler Hybrid Vehicle
Design and Fabrication of Automatic Guided Sweeping Vehicle
Design and Analysis of IC Engine Components
Automatic Pneumatic Bumper
Air Driven Engine
Hand Operated Pneumatic Robot
Radial Piston Engine
Automatic Guided vehicle
Dynamic Speed Governor
Mechanical Four-Wheel Steering
Power Transmission in Automobiles
Electro Magnetic Clutch
Two Stroke Petrol Engine Test Rig
Design and Analysis of Crop Cutter
Ignition Interlock Device for Motorcycle
Automatic Pneumatic Bumper
Micro Controller Based Vehicle Fare Meter
Design and Fabrication of Tyre Coupling
Hydraulic Disc Brake
Fabrication of Spark Plug Testing Machine
Electronic Fuel Injection
Hybrid Vehicles
Fabrication of Motorized Screw Jack for Vehicles
Side Stand Retrieving System for Two-Wheeler
Automatic Gear Changer
Intelligent Braking System in Four-Wheeler
Design and Fabrication of Shaft Drive Mechanism
Automobile Surveillance
Emission Control for Diesel Engine
Front Wheel Steering System
Compressed Air Vehicle
Intelligent Vehicle Braking System
Low Cost Anti-Lock Braking System
Auto Turning Fuel Valve
Air Engine
Design and Analysis of IC Engine Piston
Auto Tilting Mechanism for Car
360 Degree Wheel Rotation Vehicle
Anti-Theft Wheel Locking System
Fuel Injection in Compression Ignition Engine
Design a Differential Gear
Solar Powered Go Kart
Design and Analysis of Hyperloop
Humanoid Transformer Model
Robot Controlled Air Craft
Fabrication of Fuel Injector
Fabrication of Electric Two-Wheeler
Fabrication of Turbo Charger for Two-Wheeler
Auto Clutch for Automobile
Remote Controlled Solar Vehicle
Digital Fuel Level Indicator
Fabrication of Hydraulic Cylinder
Fabrication of Electric Steering Mechanism
Automatic Steering Control Mechanism
Fabrication of Automatic Pneumatic Jack
Fabrication of Kids Toy Car
Sand Collecting Vehicle
Automatic Grass Cutting Machine
Robot Controlled Vacuum Cleaner
Fabrication of Gas Kit for Two-Wheeler
Intelligent Reverse Braking System
Development of Automatic Power Window Mechanism
Compressed Air Vehicle
Fabrication of Solar Race Car
SMS Controlled Solar Vehicle
Automatic Electromagnetic Clutch
Fabrication of Foldable Two-Wheeler
Automatic Reverse indication System
Diesel Engine Locomotive Model
Pneumatic Lift
Pneumatic Controller
Induction Braking
Fabrication of Road Curve Finder
Pneumatic Transport System
Regenerative Braking System
Automatic Rain Operated Wiper
Fire Fighting Robot
Automatic Scrap Collecting System
Smart Shock Absorber for Automobile
Efficiency Increasing System in Automobile
Emission Control for Diesel Engine
Automobile Surveillance
Automatic Hydro Pneumatic Lubrication System
Design and Structural Analysis of Single Plate Friction Clutch
Speed Vehicle Sensing
Design and Fabrication of Active Steering System
Motorized Tri Cylinder Air Compressor
CFD Analysis of Scramjet Engine
Aircraft Auto Pilot Roll Control System
Design and Fabrication of Electromagnetic Engine


I hope you find all the Automobile Engineering project topics. I will update more topics as technology trends updates. Thank you.

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