Biomedical Engineering Project Topics

Biomedical engineering or medical engineering is a branch of engineering in which the study of biology and medicine for healthcare purposes. Biomedical engineering focuses on the future and advancement to improve the technology in medical and improve human health.

Biomedical engineering student need to prepare for their Final Year Project in their academic for both Diploma and Degree courses and need the latest and most unique project topics related to medical future advancement.

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Project work is one of the most important part of our Final Year Biomedical Engineering curricular. Here is the list of Latest Biomedical Engineering Project Topics are as follows,

Sprained Ankle Robotic Exerciser
Rotator Cuff Strengthening Device
Arduino COVID Disinfection Box
Android Controlled Robotic Arm
GSM Patient Health Monitoring
Heart Attack Detection by Heart Beat Sensing
Mandibulomaxillary Fixation Device
Occulo Chair
Electronic Patients Weighing Scale
EMG Assisted Migraine Therapy
Cough Monitoring System
Hospital Emergency Caring System
Telephone Dialing System for Blind
Pulse Transit Time Measuring Device
Digital Hearing Aid Using DSP
Skin Color Monitoring
Centralized Cardiac Monitoring System
Blood Oxygenator
Development of Optical Photosensor
Segmentation of Brain from MR Images
Intelligent Robotic Wheel Chair
Automatic Medicine Announcement System
Safe Guard for Blind
Braille Watch
Artificial Kidney
Blood Infusion Warmer
Monitoring System for Premature Babies
Stimulation of Paralyzed Muscle using IR
Heart Rate Measurement by Optical Method
Posture Deviation Detection System
Epilepsy Monitoring Device
Athlete Tracker
Arm Prosthesis with Interactive Neural Input Device
Identification of Putatively Co-regulated Geneses
Biometric Fingerprint Identification
Single Pixel Wireless Contact Lens Display
Strength Amplifying Exoskeleton
IOT Social Distancing and Monitoring
Color Based Tablet Sorting Machine
Wearable Health Monitoring System
Smart Watch for Elderly
IOT Instant COVID Contactless Testing Booth
Wireless Patient Health Check
Precise Temperature Controller for Babies
Automatic Back Massager
Odor Reorganization System
Respiratory Temperature Monitoring
Neuro Muscular Simulator
Integrated Patient Monitoring Gateway
Analysis of Patient during Fall
Wheelchair Chair Controller with Voice
Foot Pressure Monitor for Athletes
Ultrasound Therapy by Piezo Electric Method
Digital Pulmonary Function Test
Analysis of the Depth of Anesthesia
Eyeball Controlled Eye Tracking System
Shortwave Diathermy Stimulation Therapy
Bio-mechanical Analysis of Human Hand
Electrical Safety Analyzer for Biomedical Equipment’s


More recent and latest seminar topics on Biomedical engineering will be update soon on the website.

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