Chemical Engineering Project Topics

Chemical Engineering is a branch of engineering deals with the study of operation and design of chemical plants. It involves the production and manufacturing of products by using chemical processes. This includes designing chemical equipment, experiment and processes, research, systems and refining chemical raw material.

Chemical Engineering students need to prepare for their Final Year Project in their academic for both Diploma and Degree courses and need to the latest and most updated project topics related to future trends and aspects.

Project work is one of the most important part of our Final Year Chemical Engineering Degree and Diploma curriculum. Students have to find the project topics to select a particular project work.

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Design of Mobile Biodiesel Production Plant
Utilization of Sludge Gas
Oxalic Acid from Molasses
Studies On Pulverization of Rice Husk
Design of Crystallizer
Manufacture of Iodized Slat
Production of Liquid and Vaporized Perfume
Extraction of Oil from Coconut
Refining of Palm Kernel Oil
Water Purification Unit
Design and Fabrication of Pedal Operated Hand Sanitizer
Construction of Metal Sharpening
Production of Yam Flour
Construction of Water Storage Tank
Production of Domestic Powder
Design and Construction of Distillation Unit
Construction of Turbine Mixer
Design and Operation of Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger
Production of Plant Mirror Using Raw Material
Production of Levera Soap
Construction of Flow Nozzle
Production of Crude Oil Drilling Process
Production of Foam Using Plastic Support
Remediation of Soil Contaminated with Diesel
Design and Construction of Paint Mixer
Design and Production of Homemade Soap
Effect of Corrosion on Environment
Fabrication of Water Purification Unit
Extraction of Oil from Watermelon Seed
Preparation of Soap Using Different Types of Oils
Construction of Sieve Equipment
Refining of Vegetable Oil
Emission Inventory of Pollutant
Production of Bioethanol from Elephant Grass
Development of Adsorbents and Photocatalysts
Determination the Concentration Levels of Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons
Solid Waste Separation and Utilization
Production of Slow Burning Candle
Refurbishing of a Fixed and Fluidized Bed
Production of High-Quality Liquid Air Refresher
Extraction of Natural Dyes
Investigation to Conserve Potable Water
Natural Pesticide from Custard Apple Seeds
Systematic Evaluation of Drilling Mud
Production of Activated Carbon from Waste Rubber Tyres
Preparation of Commercial Carbon Components
Manufacturing of Synthetic Hydroxy Talcite
Production of Biodiesel from Waste Oil
Protein Extraction from Agro-Waste Bagasse
Microwave Assisted Chemical Reactors
Photo Biological Hydrogen Production
Assaying of Bio detergent
Process Optimization of Diethyl Sulphate
Color Removal from Microbial Means
Treatment of Industrial Waste Water
Recovery of Nickel from Spent Catalyst
Determination of Thermal Conductivity of Pure Liquids
Efficiency Enhancement of Solar Heater
Treatment and Reutilization of Medical Waste
Extraction of Oil from Oil Seeds by Using Percolation Technique
Production of Crude Palm Oil
Design and Fabrication of Maize Corn on Cob Tray Dryer
Assessment of Carbon Monoxide
Effect of Temperature on Hydrolysis of Cellulose
Production of Alkali using Local Raw Material
Modeling and Simulation of Anisotropic Nanostructures
Li-ion Battery: Modeling Impedance Response
Carbon Capture Materials by Flame Synthesis
Evolution of Bifunctional Proteins
Purification of Gaseous Pollutants Using Biofiltration Technique
Bio-Diesel from Wvo
Extraction of Mint Oil from Mint
Effective Utilization of Waste Plastics in Asphalting of Roads
Extraction of Peroxidase Using Aqueous Two-Phase Systems
Biodiesel Production Using Hydrodynamic Cavitation Technique
Management of Domestic Canteen Waste
Dynamic Modeling and Simulation of Fixed Bed Catalytic Reactor
Transition of Spatiotemporal Patterns in Packed-Bed Reactors
Modeling Adsorptions and Reaction of Contaminants
Bleaching of Palm Oil Using Activated Charcoal
Synthesis of Activated Carbon from Coal
Kinetic Study on Hydrolysis of Cellulose
Analysis and Utilization of Enugu Coal
Construction of a Chemical Rack
Analysis and Refining of Soya Bean Oil
Construction of Size Reduction Equipment
Modification of Prototype Air Conditioning Unit
Design Concept to Improve Energy Efficiency in Petroleum Refinery
CO2 Transport in Pipeline Networks
Design and Construction of Bio-Filtration Unit for Air Pollution
Extended Release of Antibodies Controlled by Silk Fibron
Design of Polymeric Materials to Detect Toxic Gaseous Analytics
Industrial Waste Water Treatment of Chemical Industry
Design and Simulation of Range Extending Battery System for Electric Vehicle
Improve Oil Recovering Through Polymer Flooding
Production of Plastic Materials
Treatment of Bio-Contaminated Aviation Fuel
Isolation and Identification of Antidiabetic Agent
Multiple Spouted Bed Reactor Investigations
Analysis and Study of Electrochemical Reactions


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