Virgin Galactic Completes First Commercial Spaceflight

Virgin Galactic announced that they completed its first commercial flight on 29th June, 2023 with sending 13 scientific payloads and four humans to the edge of the space and return back to the earth.

The company is owned by the billionaire Richard Branson announced on Monday that it would send three officials from the Italian Air Force and National Research Council int space on Galactic mission.

The flight lifted off from the Spaceport America in New Mexico at 10:30 AM ET and reached to the suborbital space with some minutes space flight and return back to Spaceport America and landed at 11:42 AM ET on earth.

Virgin Galactic is also selling tickets for future commercial space flights at $450,000 each and encouraging clients o reserve their seats for future per a broacher found on the website.

“This is your opportunity to be among the founding Virgin Galactic astronauts. Your reservation includes more than a spaceflight. You’ll enjoy a Future Astronaut community membership, a multi-day training and preparation retreat at Spaceport America with family and friends, bespoke flight wear, astronaut insignia, photographs and video, opportunities to give back to future generations and more”, the website says.

Check out more about pricing:

Around 800 tickets for flights on the aircraft are already sold which may cost around $450,000 per seat by the company. The intend to construct a fleet big enough to start around 400 flights per year.

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