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Top 5 Best Websites for Civil Engineers

There are thousands of websites and blogs are on the the internet about civil engineering which provides lots of important stuff, information, notes and courses regarding civil engineering.

Civil Engineering is considered as a single largest branch among all the engineering branches. Here is the list of Top 5 Best Websites for Civil Engineers and Civil Engineering Students.

The American Society of Civil Engineers:

ACSE – The American Society of Civil Engineers is one of the largest community of Civil Engineers founded in the year 1852. It has members presents in over more than 140 countries. ACSE is the world’s largest publisher and this website provides the best civil engineering information, technical and professional content for civil engineers.


Institution of Civil Engineers:

The Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) is one of the leading civil engineering institutions and a professional membership located in United Kingdom and also located in many countries across the globe. On this ICE website, you will find lots of civil engineering courses, conferences, career advises, and much more.


Civil Engineering Portal:

Civil Engineering Portal is one of the largest and most useful website for civil engineering students. This website has collection of civil engineering journals, notes, books, magazines and much more. It has largest information about new projects for civil engineers.


The Constructor:

The Constructor is civil engineering blog with lots of information for civil engineering, design, structural, construction management and building constructions. This blog provides articles and information and one of the best resources to civil engineering students.


Civil Engineer:

Civil Engineer is one of the great website for civil engineering students to provide lots of publications, notes, forums related to civil, structural, geotechnical engineering and project management. It also provides new projects information and civil engineering jobs updates.


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