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Latest Artificial Intelligence Engineering Project Topics

Artificial Intelligence Engineering is a branch of computer science engineering that involves the study of programming machines to think like human brains and complete the work more efficiently.

Artificial Intelligence Engineering students need to perform project for their Final Year in both Diploma and Degree courses and need to find the unique and most updated project topic with project mode and ppt, pdf presentation.

Project work is one of the most important part of our Final Year Artificial Intelligence Engineering Diploma and Degree curriculum. Students have to find the project topics to select a particular project work.

To help students here are some of the latest and most updated Final Year Artificial Intelligence Engineering project topics including the projects like new inventions and technologies in artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning are as follows,

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Facial Emotion Recognition and Detection
Image reconstruction by using an occluded scene
Identify human emotions through pictures
AI-powered recommendation engine for e-commerce platforms
Automated video surveillance and anomaly detection
Autonomous robot for warehouse management
Intelligent Video Surveillance Using Deep Learning System
Personality Prediction System via CV Analysis
Cryptocurrency price prediction using Machine Learning Python
Speech Emotion Detection System using Python
AI-powered sentiment analysis in customer service calls
Autonomous delivery drones for urban logistics
Machine learning for predicting customer preferences in e-commerce
AI-based system for early detection of forest fires
Intelligent video surveillance for crowd management
AI-driven personalized fashion recommendation system
Identify inappropriate language and hate speech
Trying on online clothes and accessories
Music Recommendation System by Facial Emotion
Blockchain Based Antiques Verification System
Yoga Poses Detection using OpenPose
CV Analysis based Prediction System of Personality
A Surveillance Camera-based Detection of Fire & Localization
Intelligent Video Surveillance Using Deep Learning System
Plagiarism Checker to Check Assignment
Parkinson’s Detector System using Python
Predicting House Price Using Decision Tree
A Surveillance Camera-based Detection of Fire & Localization
Voice based Intelligent Virtual Assistance for Windows
Differentiate the music genre from an audio file
Stock price prediction using machine learning
Static and Dynamic Malware Analysis Using Machine Learning
Evaluation of Website through Opinion Mining
Human Artificial organs
Image reconstruction by using an occluded scene
Customer Focused Ecommerce Site With AI Bot
Artificial Intelligence in Pneumonia Detection
Twitter Trend Analysis Using Latent Dirichlet Allocation
AI-based Lane Line Detection
Artificially Engineered Material Composites
Your Personal Nutritionist Using FatSecret API
Summarize articles written in technical text
Recommendation of Book through Online with Collaborative Filtering PHP
Facial Emotion Detection using Neural Networks
Artificial Intelligent based Solar Vehicle
Stress Diagnosis through Sensor Signals of Skin Conductance
Personalized news recommendation system
AI-powered customer churn prediction in telecommunications
Automated speech recognition for voice-controlled home automation
Machine learning for predicting equipment failure in manufacturing
AI-based system for detecting fake news and misinformation
Prediction System of Cancer with Naive Bayes
Sign Language Recognition App with Python
Bird Species Identification using Neural networks
Differentiate the music genre from an audio file
Facial Mask Detection using Semantic Segmentation
Image Caption Generation using Deep Learning
Detection of Social Distancing with AI Vision
Computer Vision for Attendance and Emotion Analysis in School Settings
Automated document classification and extraction
AI-powered language translation system
AI for personalized fitness and health monitoring
Social network analysis using machine learning techniques
Prediction of Plant Disease with Deep Learning Methods
Artificial intelligence in 5G technology
Filter the content and identify spam
Autonomous drone navigation and obstacle avoidance
Predictive maintenance using machine learning
Fraud detection in financial transactions using AI
Recommendation systems for personalized content delivery
Facial recognition for access control systems
Speech recognition and transcription system
Personality Prediction System Through CV Analysis
Artificial intelligence in wireless communications systems
Cybersecurity Attacks in Vehicular Sensors
Hidden Interfaces for Ambient Computing
Intelligent routing for logistics and delivery services
Generation of Image Caption with Deep Learning
Handwritten Digit Recognition Using Deep Learning
AI-powered chatbot for customer support
Automated medical diagnosis using machine learning
Autonomous vehicle control and navigation
Intelligent tutoring system for personalized education
Predicting stock market trends using AI algorithms
AI-based virtual assistant for smart homes
Traffic flow optimization using AI techniques
AI-driven cybersecurity system for threat detection
Machine learning for predicting disease outbreaks
Sentiment analysis in social media data
Credit Card Fraud Detection Based on Deep Neural Network Approach
Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Insurance
Student Information Chatbot Project
AI-driven personalized marketing campaigns
Autonomous farming using robotics and AI
AI for predicting and preventing traffic accidents
AI-based credit scoring and risk assessment
Intelligent tutoring system for language learning
AI-powered anomaly detection in industrial processes
Automated sentiment analysis in customer feedback
Natural language processing for sentiment analysis
Social network analysis using machine learning techniques
AI-based fraud prevention system for credit cards
Intelligent system for predicting earthquakes
Gesture recognition for human-computer interaction
AI for optimizing supply chain management
Autonomous underwater vehicle for marine exploration
AI-based system for early detection of sepsis in healthcare
AI-driven personalized travel recommendation system
Intelligent demand forecasting for retail inventory management
AI-driven personalized music recommendation system
Automated emotion recognition in human-computer interaction


I hope you find all the Artificial Intelligence Engineering project topics. I will update more topics as technology trends updates. Thank you.

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