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How to Use Radiator Stop Leak

The leakage of coolant from your vehicle is unacceptable and really not a good thing. The leakage coming from radiator, heater, engine, water pump or any other part of your vehicle in cooling or heating system may cause several damages of any component.

The coolant plays an important function in a cooling system of your vehicle. During the summer days or hot weather, long distance journey or traffics, there will be increase a chance of coolant leakage from cooling system. Due to the leakages, if there will be a hairline crack can cause trouble to your vehicle or damage of any expensive component of your vehicle.

How to Use Radiator Stop Leaks:

Radiator stop leaks are used to stop the flow of leakage coolant from the cooling system without blocking a passageway with maintaining the proper circulation of coolant in the cooling system.

The radiator stop leaks is a good and fast option to fix a radiator leakage. Radiator stop leak is a chemical which circulate with coolant into your radiator to form a coating over any small holes, pin pricks or hairline cuts to fix the radiator from leakage.

Here is the process of use of radiator stop leaks are as follows,

  1. You need to purchase the radiator stop leak also known as radiator sealant from any automotive workshop or company.
  2. Pour the stop leak as per require amount usually one bottle into the radiator. Unscrew the radiator cap and pour it without draining the coolant.
  3. Add the radiator fluid from unscrewed radiator cap as per the amount of coolant is equal as per requirement.
  4. Start your vehicle and make your engine to warm up to circulate the stop leak plastic sealant through the cracks and cuts into the radiator.
  5. Fill the radiator with water and coolant with equal 50/50 quantity until the top of the cooling system.
  6. Allow your vehicle at one place at least 10 to 12 hours for the stop leak can spread completely in the radiator and fill all holes and leaks properly.

Advantages of Radiator Stop Leaks:

Here are the advantages of use of radiator stop leaks are as follows,

  1. The radiator stop leaks can stop leakages of coolant from your radiator to prevent the damages of part of your vehicle and extend the life of your car.
  2. It prevents a breakdown and damage of your engine by maintain the cooling in a cooling system.
  3. The radiator stop leaks can reduce the cost of radiator major repair by filling the cracks.
  4. It also works as an emergency seal and help you avoid replacing a major component.

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