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Latest Mechanical Engineering Mini Project Ideas

Mechanical Engineering is one of the oldest and largest field of engineering. It deals with the mechanics, design, production, thermodynamics, material science, quality control, structural analysis, manufacturing, etc. It is the branch of engineering that involves design, production and analysis.

Every mechanical engineering student need to do mini projects during academic for both Diploma and Degree courses and need to find the latest, best and most updated unique mini project topic to perform well.

The list of latest Mechanical Engineering mini project ideas and topics related to technology, production, design, future concepts, etc. For mini projects for Diploma, BE, BTech, ME, MTech students. Here is the following mini project ideas and topics may help students to select their latest mini project.

Solar Sprinkler
Solar Train
Motorized Scissor Jack
Solar Panel Cleaning Robot
Automatic Solar Tracker
Mini Milling Machine
Mini Wind Mill Cell Phone Charger
Magnetic Separator
Mini Water Service Station
Voice Controlled Robot
Portable Slotting Machine
Mini Hydraulic Press
Solar Train
Mini Conveyor using Geneva Mechanism
Pneumatic Disk Break
Automobile Prototype
Solar Cooker
Solar Water Purifier
Cooling Tower
Solar Drop Water
Mini Belt Grinder Project
Hand Operated Pneumatic Robot
Pneumatic Vehicle Bumper
Single Impeller Solar Ship
Accurate Gun Robot
Multi-Drill Holder
Average Improve Kit
Hexapod using Arduino
Tool Post Grinder
Pneumatic Clamping
Universal Tapping Machine
Biped Walking Robot
Nano Abrasive Rails Filter
Zig Saw Cutting Machine
Solar Water Heater
Wire Rope Elevator
Solar Sprinkler
Four Wheel Steering System
Solar Water Purifier
Sand Filter
Pneumatic Slotting Machine
Milling Attachment for Lathe
Double Impeller Solar Ship
Mini Jet Engine
Floor Cleaning Machine
Highway Wind Mill
Pneumatic Belt Conveyor
Working Model of Differential
Sand Collecting Vehicle
Wi-Fi Controlled Robot
Manual Roller Bending Machine
RF Controlled Robotic Vehicle
Mini Bench Saw Machine
Convex Surface Milling Machine
Mini Hacksaw Powered by Beam Engine
Working Model of Gear Box
Robot with Crane System
Mini Peltier Based Cooler
Automatic Board Cleaner
Robotic Arm
Steam Power Plant
Inclined Cam Mechanism
Color Sensing Robot
Hydraulic Fork Lifter
Hexapod using Arduino
Remote Controlled Robot
Tilting and Swivel Vice
Motorized Screw Jack
Pneumatic Vice
Robot With Crane System
Cam Operated Valve
Automatic Differential Unit
Emergency Braking System
Mini Fire Fighting Robot
Automatic Rain Operated Wiper
Bucket Wheel Escalator
Compressed Air Engine
Automatic Flipping Plate Mechanism
Pedal Operated Wash Basin
Barrel Lifting
Manual Roller Bending Machine
Automobile Prototype
Robot for Agriculture
3D Modeling of Wind Turbine
Spark Plug Tester
Fire Fighter Robot
Cooling Tower
Wheel Chair Cum Bed
Hydraulic Fork Lift
Solar Car Lift Jack
Automatic Hand Break Release
Steam Powered Electricity Generator
Racing Robot
Table Saw Project
Magnetic Bearing
Rotary Keller
Convex Surface Milling Machine
Solar Parabolic Collector
Crack Sensing Robot
Voice Controlled Air Purifier


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