Latest Marine Engineering Project Topics

Marine Engineering is a branch of engineering in which the expertise in the operation and construction of machine equipment’s for sea and ocean related operations. Marine Engineering is the engineering of boats, ships, submarines and marine vessels.

Project work is one of the most important part of our Final Year Marine Engineering Diploma and Degree curriculum. Students have to find the project topics to select a particular project work.

To help students here are some of the latest and most updated Final Year Marine Engineering project topics including the projects like new inventions and technologies in marine, ships, boats, marine related machineries and constructions are as follows,

Design and optimization of propeller systems for improved ship performance
Analysis of ship maneuverability and simulation of complex maneuvering scenarios
Study of marine biofouling prevention and control methods
Design and analysis of offshore mooring systems for floating structures
Investigation of marine salvage and wreck removal techniques
Gas Lift Optimization of Oil Producing Wells Using Prosper Nodal Analysis
Analysis of marine pollution control measures and their environmental impact
Design and construction of a small-scale model of an offshore platform
Study of underwater acoustics and its impact on marine life
Thermal and Mechanical Designing of Marine Auxiliary Boiler
Investigation of marine renewable energy technologies for sustainable power generation
Development of a dynamic positioning system for offshore vessels
Study of wave energy conversion systems for renewable power generation
Design and analysis of offshore wind turbine foundations
Development of an efficient ballast water treatment system for ships
Development of a smart monitoring system for ship performance and condition
Study of ship stability and its impact on vessel safety and cargo operations
Design and Fabrication of a Marine Shafting System
Investigation of corrosion protection techniques for marine structures
Development of an underwater autonomous vehicle for marine exploration
Design and construction of a model of a floating offshore wind turbine
Study of marine renewable energy resource assessment and site selection
Development of an intelligent vessel traffic management system
Analysis of marine environment impact assessment for coastal projects
Determination of Flowing Bottom Hole Pressure from Well Head Data
Torsional Vibration Analysis of Marine Diesel Engine
Design and optimization of marine heat exchangers for energy efficiency
Analysis of ship resistance and propulsion characteristics
Fishing oat Using Indigenous Materials
Investigation of marine geotechnical engineering for offshore construction
Design and optimization of a floating LNG terminal
Development of an automated underwater inspection system for ship hulls
Study of marine propulsion systems using alternative fuels
Design and optimization of a ship’s hull for fuel efficiency
Design and optimization of ship fire protection systems
Investigation of marine hydrodynamics and ship motions
Development of nodal analysis for production optimization a software assisted approach
Development of a marine pollution monitoring and response system
Design and optimization of offshore oil and gas production platforms
Analysis of marine renewable energy grid integration and storage
Investigation of marine structural analysis and finite element methods
Study of Performance of Micro Particle Dispersed PCM
Dynamics of LNG Market and Propulsion Alternatives A Cost Analysis
Development of an efficient marine waste management system
Development of a predictive maintenance system for marine machinery
Study of marine resource extraction and sustainable practices
A survey on improving the efficiency of security agents in ports
Design and optimization of offshore drilling technologies
Analysis of marine ecosystem conservation and management
Investigation of marine electronics and communication systems
Development of an automated underwater mapping and surveying system
Study of marine propulsion system emissions and environmental impacts
Determination of flowing bottom-hole pressure from well-head data
Investigation of marine biotechnology applications in healthcare and industry
Oil water separator for marine time applications
Study of marine spatial planning and coastal zone management
Study of offshore pipeline engineering and subsea infrastructure
Design and construction of a small-scale model of a marine hydroelectric generator
Analysis of ship noise and vibration control measures
Investigation of marine habitat restoration and artificial reefs
Empirical correlation of oil effective permeability as a function of pressure
Design and optimization of marine cooling systems for industrial applications
Analysis of marine accident investigation and safety practices


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