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Latest Electrical Engineering Mini Project Topics

Electrical Engineering is one of the most popular field of engineering which concerned with the study and application of equipment, devices and systems which use electricity, electronics, control systems and electromagnetism.

Every Electrical Engineering student need to do mini projects during academic for both Diploma and Degree courses and need to find the latest, best and most updated unique mini project topic to perform well.

The list of latest Electrical Engineering mini project ideas and topics related to electrical, control systems and equipment’s, design, future concepts, etc. For mini projects for Diploma, BE, BTech, ME, MTech students. Here is the following mini project ideas and topics may help students to select their latest mini project.

Smart Energy Meter
Digital Voltmeter using Arduino
Solar Powered LED Street Light
Automatic Street Light Control System
Arduino-based Temperature Controlled Fan
Wireless Power Transmission
Fire Alarm System
HVDC Power Supply Design
Home Automation System using IoT
Mobile Phone Detector
Automated Plant Watering System
RFID-based Door Lock System
Voice Controlled Home Automation
Electronic Voting Machine
Solar Tracking System
Bluetooth Controlled Home Automation
RFID-based Attendance System
USB Power Electric Socket
Alcohol Detection System in Cars
Smart Parking System
Digital Code Lock using Arduino
Smart Mirror with Weather Updates
Traffic Light Control System
Home Security System using PIR Sensors
GPS-based Vehicle Tracking System
Smart Helmet for Bike Riders
Automated Railway Crossing System
Wireless Power Transfer for Electric Vehicles
Solar-powered Air Cooler
Brushless DC Motor Driver
Light Following Robot
Ultrasonic Blind Stick
Gesture Controlled Robot
5V DC To 48V DC Converter
Soil Moisture Sensor-based Irrigation System
Heart Rate Monitor using Arduino
Automatic Room Light Controller with Visitor Counter
IR Remote Control Switch
Automatic Plant Watering System using IoT
Temperature and Humidity Monitoring System
Smart Gas Leakage Detector
Gesture Controlled Smart Mirror
Fire Detection and Alarm Mini
Load Shedding Time Management on Android
IoT-based Smart Energy Monitoring
Solar Power Measurement System
RFID-based Smart Shopping Trolley
Arduino-based Digital Thermometer
Fire Fighting Robot
Bluetooth Controlled Home Appliances
Object Counter using IR Sensors
Raspberry Pi-based Smart Mirror
Solar Tracking System using Arduino
Biometric Attendance System
RFID-based Access Control System
Ultrasonic Distance Measurement Device
Bluetooth-based Home Automation
RFID-based Toll Collection System
Wireless Weather Station
Speed Control of DC Motor using Bluetooth
Home Automation using Voice Recognition
Automatic Doorbell with Object Detection
IoT-based Smart Agriculture System
Touchscreen-based Home Automation System
Color Sensing Robot
Bluetooth Controlled Car
Home Automation using Raspberry Pi
Gesture Controlled Robotic Arm
Water Level Indicator and Controller
Gesture Controlled Smart TV
Automated Street Lighting System
RFID-based School Bus Tracking System
Smart Helmet for Accident Detection and Reporting
Smart Gloves for Deaf and Dumb
PIR Sensor-based Security System
Automated Railway Platform Announcement System
RFID-based Petrol Pump Automation
Light Following Robot using Arduino
Power Efficient Mini Inverter
Solar Tracking System using LDR
IoT-based Smart Garbage Bin
RFID-based Asset Tracking System
Bluetooth Controlled Robot Car
IoT-based Patient Health Monitoring System
Solar Water Heater with Temperature Control
Voice Controlled Robotic Vehicle
Digital Visitor Counter
Bluetooth Controlled Home Lighting System
RFID-based School Attendance System
Light Intensity Measurement System
Gesture Controlled Gaming Console
Arduino-based Obstacle Avoidance Robot
RFID-based Automated Car Parking System
Soil Moisture Sensor with Automatic Watering System
Face Recognition Door Lock
Raspberry Pi-based Video Surveillance System
IR Obstacle Avoidance Robot
RFID-based Library Management System
Heartbeat Monitoring System using IoT
Home Automation using ESP8266
Smart Dustbin with Garbage Level Indicator
RFID-based Attendance System using NodeMCU
PIR Sensor-based Energy Conservation System
Raspberry Pi-based Home Surveillance System
Bluetooth Controlled Home Automation System
RFID-based Hotel Room Access System


These mini projects are cover a wide range of topics within electrical engineering, from basic circuits to advanced IoT and automation systems. Choose the best electrical engineering mini project topics and ideas as per your interest.

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