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Computer Science Engineering Project Topics

Computer Science Engineering deals with the design, maintenance, operation of computer software and hardware. It also deals with algorithms, computation, programming languages, program design, etc. The scope of mechanical engineering in India and around the world is very huge for every aspect.

Project work is one of the most important part of our Final Year Computer Science Engineering Degree and Diploma curriculum. Students have to find the project topics to select a particular project work. To help students, here are some of the awesome Final Year Computer Science Engineering project ideas as follows:

Audio Manager
Bluetooth Home Application
Chat Server
Vehicle Management System
Virtual Shopping
Web Mining
Security System
Online Bus Reservation
College Database
Bank Management System
Dynamic Logistics Management
SQL Database Management System
Smart Card Security
Online Recruitment System
Intrusion Detection System
Advance Tour Guide
Secured Mail System
Bus Pass with Barcode Card Scan
Automated Attendance System
Web Page Builder
College Enquiry Chat Boot
E Governance Project
Android Local Train Ticketing Project
Vehicle Tracking Using Mobile GPS
Low Cost Wireless Internet
Student Information System
Network Programming
Design and Implementation of Online Banking System
Fingerprint Authentication System for ATM Security
Automatic Coupon Generating System
Android Task Monitoring
Online Auction System
Online Examination System
ATM Reporting System
Web Data Mining
Cloud Based Bus Pass System
Mobile Wallet Payment System
Search Engine
Social Media Community
Inventory Database System
Online Billing System
Network Based Security System
Software Based Quality Control System
Design and Implementation of Online Registration
Online Hotel Booking System
Building and Assembling of Computer System
Gas Detection System
Computer Based Census Management System
Restaurant Management System
OTP Generation System


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