What is Heavy Engineering?

Heavy engineering or heavy industry is a work related to manufacturing of heavy engineering products, large scale construction project, production of different castings, heavy equipment’s, ship buildings, machine tools, building construction and infrastructures.

Heavy industry involves high capital investments, employment and proper strategy to complete the process. Heavy engineering plays one of the most important roles in the economic development industrialization, infrastructure development and growth of a nation.

Heavy engineering and industries also involve environmental and employment risks. Heavy industries are one of the biggest contributors to greenhouse gases emissions and it causes the climate change, many employees and workers also put their health in risks as working in pollutant formation places such as coal mines, construction, etc.

How Heavy Engineering Works?

Transportation and construction are one of the biggest works in heavy engineering pr heavy industries, the manufacturing of machine tools, production of modern ship buildings, building infrastructures are also one of the largest works in heavy industries.

In modern days, the economic development is one of the important factors for countries and public, the planning of economy focused on heavy industry as an area for large investment to start a heavy engineering project.

In 19th century and 20th century, as the chemical industry and electrical industry involved both components from heavy industry and light industry, which was also used by automobile industry and aircraft manufacturing industry. Modern ships are coming under heavy industry and largest infrastructures and biggest ships engines and turbochargers are comes under heavy industry.

Examples of Heavy Industry:

There are some of the common examples of heavy engineering or heavy industry are as follows,

  1. Aerospace
  2. Construction of large buildings
  3. Infrastructures
  4. Oil and Gas
  5. Locomotive Manufacturing
  6. Shipbuilding
  7. Mining
  8. Machine Tools Production

As the revolution comes in the industries, heavy industry becomes one of the most important in economic development and engineering. The transportation and construction of largest infrastructures are associated with heavy industry.

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