Top 5 Best Websites for Electrical Engineers

Electrical engineering deals with the aspects like electricity, electronics, mechatronics, and electrical control systems, etc. Electrical engineering students needs to study and have sources which can provides technical data and articles related to electrical.

Here is the list of Top 5 Best Websites for Electrical Engineers and Electrical Engineering Students.

Electrical Engineering Portal

The electrical engineering portal is a popular website for electrical engineers where a lot of technical papers, tools, literatures, PLC training and study materials are available.

It also provides you a guide of electrical engineering software, explanations of various theorems and laws and electrical research papers.



Electrical4U is a very useful website for electrical engineering students. This website provides you basics of electrical, circuit theory, electrical laws, MCQ questions related to electrical, information about power systems and electronics.


Circuit Lab

Circuit Lab is one of the popular websites for electrical engineering students. It is used to build and simulate circuits right in your web browser. In this website, we can design with our easy to use schematic editor, can perform Analog and digital circuit simulations in quick and easy way.


Stack Exchange

The Stack Exchange is a forum website for electrical and electronics engineers. You can easily ask any questions related to electrical and the very well known and experience people will clear your doubts and provide you solutions and answers.



Hackaday is one of the popular websites which provides technical articles, webinars and videos related to electrical and information about electronics. This website is very helpful for electrical and electronics engineers.


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