Latest Marine Engineering Seminar Topics

Marine Engineering is a branch of engineering in which the expertise in the operation and construction of machine equipment’s for sea and ocean related operations. Marine Engineering is the engineering of boats, ships, submarines and marine vessels.

Marine Engineering students need to do seminar in their both Diploma and Degree courses on the latest and most updated unique seminar topic.

Here is the list of latest Marine Engineering seminar topics related to marine equipment’s, ships, submarines, boats, marine related machine components, marine constructions and future concepts for seminar and paper presentations for Diploma, BE, BTech, ME, MTech students.

Marine Navigation & Collision Regulations
Marine Outdrives
Marine Renewable Energy: Current Status and Future Prospects
Subsea Engineering: Innovations in Underwater Systems
Marine Vibration Measurement Techniques
Nano Coating in Ships
Anti-Corrosion Techniques
Hydrostatics and Basic Hydrodynamic
Marine Thrusters
Marine Electronics and Communication Systems
Marine Accident Prevention and Risk Management
Marine Renewable Energy Resource Assessment
Computer Aided Ship Design and Drafting
Design of Ocean Structures
Marine Waste Management and Recycling
Offshore Oil and Gas Production
Marine Biotechnology: Applications and Advances
Marine Renewable Energy Policy
Ocean Wave Hydrodynamics
Hydrostatics and Basic Hydrodynamic
Fiberglass Repair
Maritime Autonomous Surface Ship
Marine Accident Investigation and Safety Analysis
Marine Communication Systems and Satellites
Marine Biofouling: Prevention and Control Measures
Marine Oil Spill Response and Contingency Planning
Non-Linear Problems in Ocean Engineering
Marine Diesel Engines
Ship Elevators
Outboard Motors
Underwater Welding and Repair Techniques
Naval Architecture: Principles and Design Considerations
Marine Navigation Systems and Technologies
Marine Law and Regulations: International Maritime Conventions
Aids to Navigation
Dock Management
Marine Structures: Design and Analysis
Marine Terminal Operations and Cargo Handling
Marine Noise Pollution: Impacts and Mitigation
Marine Incident Response and Emergency Preparedness
LNG Vessel Operations
Boat Industry
Marine Surveying and Inspection Techniques
Marine Data Analysis and Remote Sensing
Marine Spatial Planning and Coastal Zone Management
3D Ship Wave Pattern
Ship Resistance and Propulsion
Marine Corrosion and Corrosion Protection Methods
Marine Materials and Composites in Shipbuilding
Marine Robotics: Applications and Challenges
Marine Pollution Remediation Technologies
Marine Renewable Energy Storage
Offshore Wind Farms: Design and Installation
Marine Engines and Propulsion Systems
Pleasure Craft Operators Card
Bulk Carrier Structural Defects and Inspection
Personal Watercraft
Marine Geotechnical Engineering: Site Investigation and Foundation Design
Marine Traffic Control and Port Operations
Marine Salvage Operations and Wreck Removal Techniques
Marine Renewable Energy Economics and Policy
Marine Structural Analysis and Finite Element Methods
Marine Hydrodynamics: Ship Resistance and Propulsion
Marine Corrosion
Advanced Shipbuilding Techniques and Technologies
Offshore Drilling Technologies and Well Control
Marine Renewable Energy Systems Integration
Modern Ships
Offshore Structures: Design and Analysis
Ship Stability and Safety Measures
Marine Pollution Control and Environmental Impact Assessment
PWC Damage Appraisals
Nano Coating in Ships
Marine Renewable Energy Conversion Technologies
Marine Equipment and Machinery Maintenance
Marine Habitat Restoration
Marine Pollution Monitoring and Surveillance Systems
Offshore Pipeline Engineering
Marine Mammal Protection and Conservation
Offshore Geotechnical Engineering


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