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Automobile Engineering (AE) is a branch of engineering in which the study of manufacturing, designing, production, maintenance and mechanical mechanisms of automobiles. It is an introduction to vehicle engineering which deals with cars, motorcycles, trucks, buses, etc.

Automobile Engineering also known as automotive engineering is a branch of vehicle engineering in which the study of mechanical, electrical, safety, electronic, software, maintenance and operation of vehicles. It also includes modification, repairing, fabrication, development and operation of vehicle.

development and operation of vehicle.

Skills Requires for Automobile Engineering:

The following skill sets you have to require becoming a good automobile engineer:

  1. Presentation Skills
  2. Creativity
  3. Excellent Knowledge
  4. Commercial Awareness
  5. Excellent Technical Skills
  6. Interpersonal and Communication Skills
  7. Good Organisational Skills

Automobile Engineering Eligibility Criteria:

The basic eligibility criteria for pursuing Diploma in Automobile Engineering is qualifying 10th examination to get an admission in First Year and 10+2 examination to get an admission in Direct Second Year, with good qualifying marks in English, Science and Mathematics.

The basic eligibility criteria for pursuing Degree in Automobile Engineering or B.E. (Bachelor in Automobile Engineering) is qualifying 10+2 or equivalent examination to get an admission in First Year and good qualifying, marks in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics with minimum 60% of aggregate marks or Diploma to get an admission in Direct Second Year with minimum 60% of aggregate marks.

A Joint Entrance Exam (JEE) is conducted by Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT). The entrance in IIT can be only secure by clearing JEE examination.

The basic eligibility criteria for pursuing M.E. (Masters in Electrical Engineering) after passing the graduation/ degree in Electrical Engineering.

Scope of Automobile Engineering:

Automobile engineering is also known as automotive engineering, is a specialized branch of mechanical engineering that deals with the design, development, production, manufacturing, testing, and maintenance of vehicles, including cars, motorcycles, bikes, trucks, buses, and off-road vehicles. The scope of automobile engineering is vast and dynamic, offering a wide range of opportunities in various sectors and continues to expand with advancements in technology and evolving consumer preferences.

Automobile engineers also have huge opportunities in private sector such as in multi-national companies and in public sector such as government organizations like government manufacturing units, power plants and technical institutions.

The subjects to study in Automobile Engineering include:

Engineering Graphics
Applied Science
Communication Skills
Engineering Drawing
Mechanics of Materials
Strength of Materials
Production Process
Engineering Thermodynamics
Environmental Studies
Fluid Mechanics and Machinery
Automotive Engines
Statistics and Numerical Methods
Engineering Materials and Metallurgy
Design of Machine Elements
Automotive Transmission
Applied Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer
Automotive Electrical and Electronics
Automotive Chassis Components Design
Automotive Engine Components Design
IC Engines
Advance Theory of IC Engines
Vehicle Maintenance
Vehicle Dynamics
Vehicle Body Engineering
Marketing Management
Automotive Pollution and Control
Automotive Safety
Engine and Vehicle Management System
Basic and Advanced Computer-Aided Design
Power Engineering

The elective subjects to study in Automobile Engineering include:

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
Building Construction
Disaster Management
Theory of Composite Materials
Advanced Fluid Dynamics

The laboratory and practical’s to study in Automobile Engineering include:

Applied Science
Engineering Mechanics
Strength of Materials
Engineering Thermodynamics
Fluid Power
Manufacturing Technology
CAD and Applied FEA
Engine Performance and Emission Testing

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