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Most Common Interview Questions for Electrical Engineers

Electrical engineers also have huge opportunities in private sector such as in multi-national companies and in public sector such as government organizations like railways, power generation plants, electricity state boards, etc.

Electrical engineers also have wide scope in its sub-disciples such as power, electronics, control, telecommunication, instrumentation, etc.

To getting a dream job after completing Electrical Engineering everyone need to attend an interview and have to be prepare to face the questions related to their personal, academic, and engineering.

The most asked questions to electrical engineers whether you are fresher or experienced you ask in an interview from companies are:

Personal Questions:

Introduce about yourself?

Why do you want to become an electrical engineer?

What are your career goals?

Where do you see yourself in five years?

What are your expectations from this company?

What are your salary expectations?

What are your hobbies?

What is your most favorite subject in engineering?

General Questions:

What is electrical engineering?

Why did you choose to study electrical engineering?

Why did you decide to become an electrical engineer?

What is the top skill an electrical engineer must have?

What is your specialty within electrical engineering?

What was your project topic in Final year in Engineering?

Give me a short introduction of our company or our product?

Do you know the kind of products we make?

Name an engineering skill have you learned recently?

What was your work in your project group in engineering?

 Why do you want to join our company?

Behavioral Questions:

What problems have you identified in previous roles?

What are your strengths?

What are your weaknesses?

How you will manage a project as being a group/project leader?

What do you consider your biggest achievement?

Describe a situation when you were under pressure in work.

Tell me about a time when you made a mistake.

What was the toughest decision that you’ve had to make within this last year?

Technical Questions:

What do you understand by the word electrical engineering?

Define the Ideal Transformer?

What are transformer losses & their types?

What is the principle of motor?

What are the types of semiconductors?

Explain the difference between direct and alternating current? 

What is the difference between generator and alternator?

What Is Electric Traction?

What Is Stepper Motor?

What are the three most common types of cable for transmitting power?

Explain Norton’s Theorem in a single sentence?

What is the role of a transistor in Circuit?

Difference between Analog and Digital Circuit

What Is Marx Circuit?

What are the different methods for starting an induction motor?

What is the slip of an induction motor?

What is meant by insulation voltage in cables?

Explain 2 phase motor?

Describe the function of the different colored wires?

What is the RLC current?

Differentiate between an analogue and a digital circuit?

How many types of starter?

What is the Control System?

What are the different types of Control Systems?

What are the different types of coupling mechanisms?

What are the basic tools used for the measurement system of electrical parameters in an electrical circuit?


All the above questions are one of the most asked interview questions for electrical engineers. The question to be asked in an interview depends upon the interviewer and the topics are related with the type of company which is working and for the designation you applied.

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