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What are the latest innovations in mechanical engineering?

Mechanical Engineering is one of the oldest and most popular branches of engineering in which the study of design, manufacturing, technology, development, quality and research of various products and innovations.

Mechanical Engineering is a broad field that encompasses many areas of design, production, manufacturing, research and development.

Here are some of the latest innovations in mechanical engineering that innovate recently and contribute for change in society and in technology world are as follows,

  1. Additive Manufacturing
  2. 4D Printing Technology
  3. Hydrogen Engine Vehicles
  4. Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing
  5. Solid Waste Management
  6. Safety in Electric Vehicles
  7. Mechatronics and Robotics
  8. Renewable Energy
  9. Nontechnology
  10. Environment Friendly Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing is the process of creating objects by building in one later at a time. It is the process of making three dimensional objects by using computer aided design (CAD) 3D model of an object imported from 3D design of by using 3D scanners to direct hardware to deposit materials.

Additive manufacturing (AM) or additive layer manufacturing (ALM) is an industrial production name of 3D printing, a process of creating 3D objects by using 3D models and depositing materials in layers.

4D Printing Technology

4-dimensional printing also known as 4D printing or 4D bioprinting technology. It is the process which uses the same techniques of 3D printing from making 3D printed parts from 3D models but it uses special materials and sophisticated designs that are computer programmed and the print can be able to change its shape.

4D printing technology uses programmable and advanced materials that perform different functionally such as it has ability to change its 3D shape and behavior over time. 4D printing technology uses commercial 3D printers such as Polyjet 3D printers. The input used is “smart materials”, that can be hydrogel or shape memory polymer.

Hydrogen Engine Vehicles

A hydrogen vehicle is a type of vehicles that uses hydrogen fuel to run the vehicles and for motive power. The power generating in hydrogen vehicles by converting the chemical energy of hydrogen to mechanical energy. Hydrogen reacts with oxygen in a fuel cell to power the car.

A hydrogen fuel cell vehicle uses the same kind of electric motor to turn the wheels same as an electric car works. The power provided to hydrogen car is not by an electric batter but by a fuel cell stake in which a pure hydrogen passes through to a membrane to combine with oxygen and producing the electricity that power the vehicles.

Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing

Artificial Intelligence plays an important role in modern technology. AI has the potential to transform the manufacturing industry. It improves the manufacturing process to help the growth of modern economy by increasing the production systematically, automate the production, improve the productivity on manufacturing layout, analysis the demand of product and much more.

AI can help manufacturing process by using the large amount of data being produces daily by Industrial IoT and smart industries. Manufactures can make better decisions by analyze the data and increase the production of their product and can predict the future demand for their product.

Solid Waste Management:

Solid waste management is a process of collecting and treating solid waste. It is a one of the types of management system in which the solid waste can be treated and recycle. It also offers different solutions for recycling items that does not consider as trash or garbage.

The innovation tasks of solid waste management present complex technical challenges and help to improve the conditions that lead the pollution in an environment.

Safety in Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles are the future and one of the best solutions that help to reduce global warming and carbon emission. Through the couple of years, usage in number of electric vehicles and popularity of electric vehicles increases.

Electric vehicles are initially safer than vehicles powered by internal combustion engines. In the recent hot summers, we seen the number of cases increases of electric vehicles catch fire. The incidents are recorded through various regions around the world.

Electric vehicles are designed with safety and high priority. Hey are go through the same crash tests and also need to fulfilled safety requirements. The safety in electric vehicles need to improve in terms of body, battery, etc.

Mechatronics and Robotics

Mechatronics is a multidisciplinary branch of engineering in which the study of integration of mechanical, electrical and electronics engineering systems. It also focuses on the combination of robotics, telecommunication, system control, computer science and production engineering.

Mechatronics plays an important foundation role for the growth in automation and manufacturing. Mechatronics dealers with robotics and electromechanical systems. Mechatronics specialists knows the fundamental of both mechanical and electrical engineering.

Robotics is also a multidisciplinary branch of engineering in which the study of computer science and electronics & telecommunication engineering. Robotics focuses on the combination of design, operation, systems, construction and applications of robots. The main goal of robotics is to design and develop machines that will help to perform a task and assists humans.

Robotics are widely used in industries and various applications in development, automobile and manufacturing.

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is an energy generated from renewable natural resources such as sunlight, wind, water, etc. The renewable natural sources that are constantly being replenished. The renewable energy sources are around all of us and available all the time.

The large amount of energy production is from fossil fuels, oil, coal and gas that are non-renewable energy resources which take hundreds of millions of years to form inside earth crust. The production of energy from non-renewable energy can increase the rate of global warming and carbon emission. All the countries are using non-renewable energy sources to run the modern economy in the world which also being a reason of production of harmful greenhouse gas emission.

Renewable energy sources are cheaper, easily available and there is no harmful carbon emission by using natural resources. It is very important to use renewable energy that fossil fuels.


Nanotechnology is the use of matter on atomic, molecular and super molecular scales for industrial applications. Nanotechnology is a manipulation of matter on an atomic scale to produce new structures, materials and devices. The nanotechnology is the scientific advancement in many sectors such as consumer products, energy, production, medicine, materials, research and manufacturing.

Nanotechnology is the manipulation of matter with at least one dimension sized from 1 to 100 nanometers (nm). Nanotechnology is defined by size is used in various fields of science such as molecular biology, organic chemistry, engineering, energy storage, etc.

Environment Friendly Manufacturing

Manufacturing plays one of the most important role in modern day growth. But due to manufacturing, large amount of deforestation, formation of industrial wastes and harmful gases are form I nature. It is important to start an environment friendly manufacturing to conserve our environment.

Environmental manufacturing protects the plants from exploitation and conserves natural resources. The manufacturing of products is made from sustainable materials and can easily recycle and easily use for various applications.

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