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Introduction to Hypermesh: Features and Applications

Hypermesh is a software used for computer aided engineering (CAE) and finite element analysis (FEA). Hypermesh is developed by Altair Engineering and it is a part of Altair Hyperworks suite of CAE software’s.

Altair Hypermesh is a high-performance finite element pre-processor software to prepare even the largest models, starting from the import of CAD geometry to exporting an analysis run for various disciplines and applications.

In Hypermesh, you need to import a 3D model which you developed in CAD software after that you can analysis the model for simulation and its applications. It is an integral part of PLM (Product Life Cycle Management) where the focus is to prepare the model to analysis the real-life environment or simulation of the model.

Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) mainly has three types of software’s are preprocessing, solving and postprocessing. Hypermesh is a preprocessing CAE software where you can divide a model into various number of elements and nodes for solver to apply the mathematical functions on the model. Preprocessing is generally “mesh the model” to see the number of elements or nodes for simulation, engineering and analysis of model and do the calculations for a particular problem on those nodes. The higher number of nodes, the more accurate is the solution to the analytical solution.

Features of Hypermesh:

Hypermesh is known for its high performance and advanced features to perform complex simulation and analysis. Some of the features of Hypermesh are as follows,

Geometry and Meshing: Hypermesh provides powerful tools for creating and manipulating the geometry of models and generating the meshing, refining the mesh quality on the surface of models for accurate results.

Material Management: Hypermesh allows engineers to define and manage material properties for imported materials. It has libraries with over more than 1,500 pre-defined materials.

Loads and Boundary Conditions: yHypermesh provides a comprehensive set of tools for defining boundary conditions and loads.

Analysis and Solver: Hypermesh has powerful interfaces for a wide range of solvers. It is very easy for user to perform simulation.

Optimization: Hypermesh has powerful optimization tools that allow users and engineers to automatically generate and evaluate designs to improve the performance of model.

Applications of Hypermesh:

Hypermesh is widely used analysis and simulation CAE software and has variety of application in industries. Some of the applications of Hypermesh are as follows,

Automotive Industry: Hypermesh is widely used in automotive industry for analysis and simulation of vehicles crash tests and checking the durability of vehicles structures and components.

Consumer Goods: Hypermesh is commonly used in consumer goods industries for design and analysis of surfaces and bodies of electronics goods, product bodies and surfaces.

Aerospace Industries: Hypermesh is widely used in aerospace industries for structural analysis, dynamic and stress analysis of spacecrafts, aircrafts and rockets.

Production: Hypermesh us commonly used in production and manufacturing of machine components to analysis and checking the load of the machine component.

Medical Devices: Hypermesh is used in medical devices industry for design and analysis of medical machine equipment’s, analysis of implants, prosthetics and other medical devices.

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