Mechanical Engineering Project Topics

Project work is one of the most important part of our Final Year Mechanical Engineering Degree and Diploma curriculum. Students have to find the project topics to select a particular project work. To help students, here are some of the awesome Final Year Mechanical Engineering project ideas as follows:

Wind Mill
Hybrid Chimney
Pneumatic Robotic Arm
Hydraulic Robotic Arm
Cooling Tower
Anti Lock Braking System
Diesel Engine Locomotive Model
Driverless Car
Hybrid Car
Four Wheel Steering System
Continuous Variable Transmission
Automatic Parking System
Spark Plug Tester
Automatic Scrap Collecting Vehicle
Automatic Grass Cutting Vehicle
Automatic Wheel Chair
Electronic Fuel Injection System
Combined Hydraulic and Disk Brake
Automatic Guided Vehicle
Mini Crushing Machine
Paper Counting Machine
Solar Automatic Cell Phone Charger
Electric Two Wheeler
Automatic Pneumatic Welding Robot
Design and Fabrication of Conveyor Automation
Fabrication of Variable Drive Gear Box
Automatic Water Level Sensing Crane
Design and Fabrication of Pneumatic Printing Press Machine
Portable Pipe Cutting Machine
Fabrication of Automatic Steering Mechanism
Electrical Spot Welding Machine
Thermal Power Plant Using Steam
Solar Power Refrigerator
Design and Fabrication of Multi Purpose Agriculture Equipment
Design of Motorized Wheel Chair
Smart Bins
Design and Fabrication of Portable Water Turbine
Two Stroke Petrol Engine Test Rig
Solar Cooker
Design and Fabrication of Crusher Machine for Plastic
Portable Biogas Plant
Coin Operated Vending Machine
Fabrication of Pipe Thread Cutting Machine
Automatic Potato Chips Making Machine
Fabrication of Special Purpose Tapping Machine
Fabrication of Air Leak Detector
Airplane Controlling System
Artificial Leg Mechanism
Design and Fabrication of Parabolic Solar Collector
Vehicle Gas Detection
Automatic Bottle Filling System
Paint Mixer Machine
Wire Rope Elevator
Automatic Lubrication Unit
Fabrication of Abrasive Jet Machine
Double Axis Welding Machine
Automatic Bottle Washing System
Fabrication of Domestic Floor Mill
Power Generation from Wind Mill and Solar Panels
Fabrication of Tube Rolling Machine


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