Civil Engineering Project Topics

Project work is one of the most important part of our Final Year Civil Engineering Degree and Diploma curriculum. Students have to find the project topics to select a particular project work. To help students, here are some of the awesome Final Year Civil Engineering project ideas as follows:

Structural and Foundation Analysis
Design and Analysis of Residential Villa
Stabilization Sub Grade Using Geo Textiles
Designing and Planning of Auditorium
Green Building Design and Construction
RCC Bridge Slab Design
Repair and Rehabilitation Technique on Concrete
Steel Bridge Analysis and Design
Highway and their Maintenance
Water Tanks
Traffic Analysis and Pavement Evaluation
Construction and Estimations of Commercial Buildings
Design of Irrigation Canal and Comparison of Irrigation System
Drawing of Plan, Elevation, Section Using of AutoCAD
Manual Design of Roof Structure
Steel Frame Analysis
Nano Materials
Self Compacting of Concrete
Sustainable Toilet
Solid Waste Management System
Waste Processing Technologies
Soil Erosion Susceptibility Assessment
Advanced Construction Techniques
Rain Water Harvesting System
Use of Local Materials for Insulation and Water Proofing
Non-destructive Testing of Concrete
Earthquake Vibration Control System
Analysis of Building Codes
Landslide Stabilization
Seismic Vulnerability and Risk Assessment
Laser Surveying and its Application
Advance Technology in Surveying
Determination of Remote Profile
Zero Energy Buildings
Laminated Floorings
Traffic Simulation and Modeling
Environmental Impact Assessment
Use of Plastic as Soil Stabilizer
Passive Solar Energy Buildings
Development of Remote Monitoring System
Intelligent Transport System
Failure of Foundation due to Earthquake
Economical Building Design
RCC Chimney Design
Water Distribution System Design for a Village
Generation of Electricity Using Solid Waste Management
Design of Biogas Plant
Design of Underground Drainage System
Deflection Control in RCC Beams
Safety Evaluation of Slab


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